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This Survey form will address issues mostly on student authentication. Data collected will be used to create student accounts in the Learning Management System (Moodle) and student's MSU General Santos email (Google Suite for Education).

All students, please accomplish data entry on the survey form. You can follow the instructions below for verification. If you still cannot login please re-try after one hour (we will update the authentication database every 6 hours) . If it fails send email to

Please try the following first before 

Instructions after
click on google icon
input: (msu email address also LMS username. 
       Format: <firstname><dot>
password: changeme2020


  • Change email address ASAP (LMS password is linked to Google authentication. No need to change LMS password)
  • Secure your email account by setting a recovery cellphone 
  •    and recovery email (will be used in cases of forgotten password)
  • Use licensed software.
  • Clear Browser caches and history
  • Go Incognito if experiencing connectivity problems.

Best Regards!
AMSUGS LMS Administrator